10 Reasons I Love Real Estate Investing

My top 10 reasons I love real estate investing have evolved over several years of being in the business, here they are:

  1. A necessary product – Everyone needs a place to live.   
  2. Easy to understand – real estate investing is not rocket science.  Anyone who can learn and is willing to put in the effort can be successful. 
  3. Multiple ways to make money – Wholesaling, training, flipping, land lording, bird dogging, single family, multi-family, commercial, residential, being the bank, etc.
  4. Easy entry – even the newbie can quickly learn the basics of wholesaling and bird dogging and it takes little money to get involved
  5. Long term wealth – it is said that more than 97% of all millionaires in the United States made their money through real estate
  6. Value – real estate remains at bargain prices, deep discounts are being offered, there may have never been a time as good as this to buy real estate to develop wealth. 
  7. Inflation hedge – because real estate is a tangible hard asset.  Property values should rise with inflation as the cost of building materials increase.
  8. Investment protection – real estate offers three types of investment protection not found with many other investments: equity in the property, property insurance, and cash flow.
  9. Predictable results – using time proven techniques real estate investing is very predictable.  The lesson here is get the training and learn the techniques.
  10. Lifestyle – real estate investing can provide a lifestyle that allows you to work from home or anywhere and create a lifestyle that few other people enjoy.

#10 is so important to me.  I rarely need an alarm clock anymore.  I often work from home and get to choose how hard I want to work.  It is a great feeling to be in control of your own life and lifestyle.

Why do you love it?

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