300 Free Real Estate Leads in 30 Days, the Easy Way

How can real estate investors generate more leads for less with less stress in the next 30 days?

Those real estate investors seeking to ramp up their deal volume and who want to get their hands on more buyer, seller and private lender leads have a whole buffet of marketing options available to them today.

Unfortunately, while many of these real estate marketing strategies and tactics do work they are also slow to produce results, expensive, deliver low ROI and are complex and take time to roll out.

Fortunately there is an easier, more enjoyable and faster solution which offers a great return on investment.

When it comes down to it generating leads for real estate investing is really just about making new connections. The more new connections you make every day the more leads and the more dollars coming in.

Social media has been used to do this very effectively for some, as has cold calling and direct mail or email campaigns but it doesn’t get any easier, cheaper or faster than just getting out and talking to people.

Just 10 new contacts a day is 300 new leads in the next 30 days and if you’re a real scrooge you don’t even have to hand out business cards to them. In fact, given that every person has an average ‘sphere of influence’ or circle of contacts of 250 people (probably a lot more today thanks to the internet), that’s a massive 75,000 potential new leads or referral sources.

So where do you start?

You can start by simply making the effort to connect with those you pass by or cross paths with every day. Just in case that number is limited here are 30 ideas for places and ways to connect with new people for the next 30 days to keep you going.

Challenge yourself and have fun with it…

1.    Gas station attendants
2.    The gym
3.    The tanning salon
4.    A beauty salon
5.    Spas
6.    Real estate investor groups
7.    Local Realtor networking groups
8.    Car service waiting areas
9.    Auto dealerships
10.    The library or bookstore
11.    Hotel lobbies
12.    Eating at new restaurants
13.    Have coffee at a new place each day
14.    Visit open houses
15.    Help out at your kids’ school
16.    Volunteer for charity work
17.    Join a new community group
18.    Hit the beach
19.    Take the bus, train or subway for a change
20.    Take your kids or dog to the park
21.    Go on more dates
22.    Go speed dating
23.    Go window shopping in the mall
24.    Go to the movies, theatre or a concert
25.    Start running or walking every day
26.    Go out for dessert
27.    Take a mini vacation
28.    Visit a florist and buy flowers for someone special
29.    Work out of a shared office space
30.    Go to a sporting event

Anywhere you can go that involves running into new people face to face or at least shoulder to shoulder can offer plenty of opportunity to cultivate more real estate leads…

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