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Essential Service #2 – Identity Theft Protection

Everyone deserves the right to have their identity protected. Did you know that identity theft is one of the most prolific crimes in the United States and the world? You need not only credit bureau monitoring and comprehensive restoration services. Our identity theft plan protects the entire family for the cost other plans charge to […]

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Legal Counsel – Essential Service #1

You say you don’t need legal counsel? Really? Have you ever signed a contract of any kind? Do you have a will? Is it up to date? Have you ever had a traffic ticket? How about a living will or medical power of attorney? Have you ever had a traffic accident? Have you ever been […]

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Peer-to-peer lending.

Have you ever heard of crowd-funding also known as peer-to-peer lending? A few years ago businesses started up that provided a place for people with extra money to lend it to people who needed money.

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