Do you have Poor or RICH Habits?

Do you think that becoming wealthy is a matter of luck?  Think again.  Tom Corley did a study of the habits that rich people and poor people have.  What he found out may surprise you, then again if you’re well off financially, maybe not.

The main stream media reports that 5% of the population of American’s make most of the money and control most of the wealth in this country.  Who are these people and are they that different from the rest of us?  Clearly they put their pants on one leg at a time and their not 10 times smarter than everyone else so what is different.

Wealth is a two-step process.  Making it, and then keeping it.  Tom found that wealth and poverty have nothing to do with random luck or your circumstances and has everything to do with your daily habits.  The rich just do fractionally different things every day that the poor just don’t do.

Who are the wealthy?

  • 18% are senior executives at big companies
  • 51% are small business owners
  • 13% are sales people
  • 63% took some risk in search of wealth
  • 91% are decision makers at their job
  • 86% work more than 50 hours per week
  • 27% have failed at least once in business
  • 80% are focused on pursuing one major goal
  • 75% learned their rich habit primarily from their parents, the rest learned them from mentors, books or the school of hard knocks
  • 54% are eternal optimists
  • 81% maintain a to do list
  • 94% save 20% or more of their income
  • 44% wake up 3 hours or more before their work day begins
  • 89% sleep 7 hours or more per night

Here are some comparisons Tom provided between rich and poor habits.


Keystone Habit



Goal Setters
  • 80% were obsessed with pursuit of one long term major goal
  • Only 12% of the poor do this
  • 55% have spent a year or more pursuing 1 major goal
  • 0% of the poor did this
Master Self Educations
  • 88% read 30 minutes to learn and improve every day
  • 2% of the poor do this
  • 63% listen to audio books for growth during their commute or exercising
  • 5% of the poor do this
Association with others
  • build relationships with other successful people
  • build relationships with other poor people


  • Generally more open minded to new ideas, new knowledge
  • Limiting beliefs and ideologies
  • Do it now – they stop the voice of procrastination we all have
  • Procrastination is much more common
Great listeners
  • Listen approximately 5 times longer than they speak, some even take notes
Judicial use of time 
  • 67% watch TV less than an hour per day
  • 77% watch more than an hour per day
  • 63% spend less than an hour a day on recreational use of the internet
  • 87% spend more than an hour a day of recreational use of the internet

Control Themselves

  • Vet their thoughts and just don’t say what’s on their mind

Caring for their health

  • 57% track their calorie intake daily
  • 5% or the poor do this
  • 76% do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 4 times per week
  •  70% eat less than 300 junk food calories per day
  • 97% eat more than 300 junk food calories per day
  • 75% avoid fast food restaurants
  • 67% admit to eating at fast food restaurants 3 or more times per week
  • Keystone habits over power ordinary daily habits which means they can control them or eliminate them. So you can add just one rich keystone habit and it can control or correct 2 or 3 of your ordinary bad poverty habits.

The great news is you can begin incorporating a rich habits today and replace those poor habits.  Which habit will you incorporate this month?

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