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Do you have Poor or RICH Habits?

Did you know 88% of the rich read 1/2 hour per day for self-improvement where as only 2% of the poor do this. Find out what the other rich habits and how different they are from the poor’s habits.

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The power of will.

Its not knowledge or skill that creates success. There are plenty of well trained skilled people who still struggle day to day. Implement this one word on a routine basis and watch your life change.

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Your 3 Most Important Choices

God gave us our wonderful minds and the ability to make choices. We are all a product of the choices we have made throughout our lives. Where we are right now is the result of those choices. Consider where you are right now. Is it where you want to be? Understanding and implementing these 3 […]

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Essential Service #2 – Identity Theft Protection

Everyone deserves the right to have their identity protected. Did you know that identity theft is one of the most prolific crimes in the United States and the world? You need not only credit bureau monitoring and comprehensive restoration services. Our identity theft plan protects the entire family for the cost other plans charge to […]

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Legal Counsel – Essential Service #1

You say you don’t need legal counsel? Really? Have you ever signed a contract of any kind? Do you have a will? Is it up to date? Have you ever had a traffic ticket? How about a living will or medical power of attorney? Have you ever had a traffic accident? Have you ever been […]

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Investing in Multifamily Properties Makes Sense 

The value of a Single Family Homes (SFH) is driven largely by the value of the homes closest to the home. Closest means both proximity as well as style. As you might imagine with so many foreclosures even great homes in great neighborhoods are experiencing significant drops in value. The value of multifamily properties is […]

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Residual Income is the Best Kind of Income

Most people exchange hours for dollars. It they don’t get up and go to work each day they don’t get paid. There are better ways to create income. We love residual income opportunities. Work once and get paid many times. What is better than that?

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Take Action

Remember this:  People say knowledge is power.  They are wrong!  Applied knowledge is power.  No body ever hit a home run unless they swung the bat, no one ever hit oil unless they drilled a well, and no one every made a basket unless they took the shot.  Take action or stand still, which do […]

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The Right Mindsets

In real estate investing, as with any endeavor in life, having the right mindsets can be more important than knowing all the techniques or actions to take. The right mindsets allow you to overcome all kinds of challenges you face along your life journey. The wrong mindsets will hold you back.

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Time Management Is a Lie!

While there are hundreds of books written on time management the whole concept of managing time is a lie. Time is relentless and much more valuable than money. You can always make more money but no one can make more time.

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