Is Your Real Estate Business a Place to Tout Values?

Negative press results in people eating more chicken while savvy real estate investors tweak their strategy.

Say Something Wild, Let the Press Market for You & Flip More Homes?

While an incredibly delicate subject, the Chick-fil-A controversy can’t be ignored. It is taking up an immense amount of news time, with the entire web chiming in with their two cents. Regardless of what side of the fence you are on one thing is clear and that is standing up for what you believe in or at least making sure your business practices are in line with your moral values isn’t a bad thing at all. Despite the hate and threats Chick-fil-A posted their best sales day in history on August 1st, won new customers and loyal ones and it is doubtful that they really lost any.

Remember the saying “There is no such thing as bad press”…
Too many real estate investors are afraid of incorporating their values or uniqueness into their real estate investing businesses when it could actually be just what they need to stand out and boost revenues.

Remember you aren’t going to win the whole as your clients anyway and shouldn’t be trying to with your marketing. Facebook is probably the only brand which has gotten close to that and now appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy. Hone in on your niche and develop fiercely loyal customers.

This doesn’t mean real estate investors have to shout about their personal beliefs, exclude anyone, be down on any group, and incite fans to go harass the competition. Just be for what you are passionate about and hire those who share your vision and partner with other businesses who do too.

Ethics & Real Estate Fraud

While this may be a little different, though perhaps even more important, if real estate investors don’t stand up for their ethics and allow themselves to be peer pressured into operating in shady areas of the real estate world it will come back to haunt them sooner or later. Look at how this has recently unraveled in terms of SEO and stated income home loans.

The only group who has a pass is the banks and large mortgage institutions. Pushing mortgage brokers to create fraudulent documents and robo-signing got a free pass; little coverage was seen about major banks’ role in foreclosure auction rigging, so now it is on to market manipulation of REOs and home values. Still everyone else they roped in to do dirty work are really getting their hands dirty behind bars.

If not aligned with other ethical real estate pros and businesses those you partner with will take you down. Once you hear of their offices being raided by the FBI it’s a little too late to try and get off the radar.

PR, Tighter Niches and Ethics for Bigger Real Estate Investing Profits

So do be for something, support the causes you believe in without bashing anyone else and do make sure to stay on right side of the law. This will help ensure a profitable and long lasting business with lots of referrals.

Don’t have the resources or high profile to hit the media with your comments? Distribute own press releases online or just go hang out at the next gathering of protestors or supporters for massive networking in person networking opportunities.

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