Legal Counsel – Essential Service #1

There are two services you really need to have these days, especially, if you are a real estate investor, and even if you aren’t.  In this post I’ll just discuss service #1.

First, everyone needs access to legal counsel.  You say you don’t need this?  Really?

  • Have you ever signed a contract of any kind?
  • Do you have a will?  Is it up to date?
  • Have you ever had a traffic ticket?
  • Do you have a living will or medical power of attorney?
  • Have you ever had a traffic accident?
  • Have you ever been audited by the IRS?
  • Have you ever had a question about any legal matter and just wanted to find out your rights?

Clearly everyone needs access to legal counsel.  The wealthy talk with their attorneys all the time, so why not you?  Most people avoid getting legal advice because they think it would cost too much or they don’t know who to call, so they try to handle it themselves.

So what if you could pick up the phone talk to an attorney, get your legal questions answered, and not get a bill in the mail, would you?

That service exists today through a company called LegalShield.  For as little as $20 a month, a LegalShield plan gives you the ability to receive legal counsel from an experienced attorney about any legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs.  That’s less per year than one hour of most attorneys’ time.

From real estate to divorce advice, speeding tickets to will preparation and more, LegalShield attorneys will help with any matter–no matter how trivial or traumatic.

In addition to the Family Plan, LegalShield has plans for small businesses and their employees.

My wife and I have had LegalShield, protecting us since 2009.  It has saved us not only money but time.  We’ve received legal counsel for document review, help with contracts, they have written letters on our behalf, and so much more.   We’ve even received legal counsel for our business where the properties are in other states.

Perhaps you can relate to this.  Last fall, I received a speeding ticket.  I could just see the $200+ dollar fine, court costs, points on my license and therefore increased auto insurance costs.  Not to mention the time required to appear in court if I wanted to have any chance of mitigating the fines.  I just felt sick about it all. You know the feeling?

Then I remembered we had LegalShield, and moving traffic violation benefits are included.  I called LegalShield and they assigned an attorney who went to court for me.  Bottom line, no fine, only court costs, no points on my license, no bill from the attorney, and best of all I didn’t have to go to court.

What to know what LegalShield can do for you?  You can find out more and contact me through my LegalShield website by clicking here.

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