Real Estate Jobs: 7 Tips for Hiring Better

How can you get better at hiring help for your real estate investing company in order to rocket towards goals faster, build a better business and maximize net profits?

Most real estate investors don’t come from an HR or recruiting background but all eventually need to hire some form of help and need to get good at it if they want their businesses to grow profitably.

So what should real estate pros be focusing on which may not have been covered in their real estate investing education courses?

1. Look to the Web

With local hiring pretty much redundant today it is essential for real estate business owners to turn to the web. Some of the best places to look to include established outsourcing platforms like oDesk as well as professional social networking platforms like LinkedIn.

2. Take Time to Screen & Test

Rushing the hiring process is always a bad move. Recognize your staffing needs early and leave time to properly screen and test individuals before committing and relying on them.

3. Watch Your True ROI

Outsourcing and telecommuting has brought the ‘promise’ of cheap staff but make sure you are watching the real ROI and your bottom line not just hourly rates. Who will actually deliver the best results for the dollar? Who will require less training, mean easy management and won’t require you to pay for fixing mistakes or redoing work?

4. What Else Can Candidates Bring to the Table?

Wise real estate investors are always looking for more, so what else can recruits bring to the table, advice, education, followers industry connections, leads?

5. Is This the Right Fit?

Just because an applicant is well qualified or talented doesn’t always mean they are a great fit for the position you need to fit right now. Will they excel in it, will they stay? Put everyone in the right spot with future prospects which are right for them to reduce turnover and increased HR costs.

6. Are You the Right Person to Handle This?

Are you really the best person to post jobs, screen applicants, conduct interviews and train or is it smarter to have someone else do it. This can come up when using new hiring platforms you may not be fluid with yet and someone else may have the skills to make better hires through them as well as coming down to the best use of your time. Are you better off delegating this to a project manager or virtual assistant or at least part of it to free up your time to get on with flipping houses and generating income?

7. Are You Hiring the Best?

With competition heating up those real estate investment companies with the best talent will win.  Giants like Microsoft spend hundreds of millions to buy entire companies just to get their talent. So are you locking up the best before they go work for the competition and against you?

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