Your 3 Most Important Choices

Apathy is a natural human instinct, common to us all, that consistently encourages us to seek a comfort zone in which nothing ever changes.” – David Byrd.

In Mr. Byrd’s book “The Tripping Point In Leadership” he states that most organizations that aren’t moving forward suffer from apathy.  I would say many individuals also suffer from this.

The good news is that you can overcome the negative impacts of apathy in your life and your business once you recognize it.  CHOOSE to change it.

God gave us our wonderful minds and the ability to make choices.  We are all a product of the choices we have made throughout our lives.  Where we are right now is the result of those choices.

Consider where you are right now.  Is it where you want to be?  Understanding and implementing these 3 most important choices everyday will help you get more out of your business and your life.

  • The Choice of Attitude

Attitude is a daily choice.  It is an emotion.  If you are not in control of your emotions then who is?  Therefore you control your attitude.  My mother always used to tell me that you “Catch more flies with honey that you do with vinegar.”

Now I don’t think anyone is trying to catch flies; however, do you think a sour or negative attitude will get you what you want, or is it a cheerful attitude of abundance that will get it for you?

I have a confession:  I used to be Mr. glass half empty.  I did a lot of complaining and worrying.  Then a true friend pulled me aside and asked me, “Kevin, why are you always unhappy?”  His philosophy was that, “No one got hurt, no one died, and we can fix anything else.”

Thank the Lord for true friends.  I realized I was wrong and had so much to be thankful for.  The next day I decided to be in a good mood.  And each day since then I count my blessing and realize what a wonderful abundant life I’m living.  It’s an awesome life.  Your life is an awesome life too!  Just make that choice.

  • The Choice of Action

When you’re unhappy with some aspect of your life or business understand that it’s that way because you are tolerating it.  Make the choice to change it.  If you need to get guidance on how to change it go get it.

As Mary Jane and I have embarked on our “get healthier” journey we’ve combined it with a business opportunity that we are engaged in.  After all what could be better than getting healthy and improving other people’s health and wealth at the same time?

As people see the changes we are experiencing, they will often say they want to release weight and ask us how we are doing it.  For some, when we tell them how we are achieving such great results, they decide not to take action.  Why?  I don’t know; however, we have heard a lot of reasons/excuses.

The truth is the people with reasons/excuses are making the choice to not change.  That’s okay, we were like that for many years.  We are glad that we finally made the choice to change and took action and so are those who have joined us on this journey.

Remember this: No action will lead to nothing but more of the same.  Effective action, consistently applied, will lead you to the business, relationship, or personal life that you want and deserve.

  • Choice of Accountability

Although all three of these choices are important and go hand in hand this is perhaps the most important because it puts the burden of living your life, creating your dream, squarely on you where it belongs.

In our society we seem to be tolerating more and more people who do not want to be accountable for what they do.  If you want to change and achieve a dream you must accept 100% accountability to get there.  If not you, then who?

I believe each individual has an infinite potential.  No one can tap into that potential except that individual.

There may be difficulties along the way.  Other people may not believe in you. (Some of them with the same last name.)  Or you may not know how to achieve your dream.  Once an individual accepts 100% accountability for the outcome, then all of these issues will be overcome.

We are all captains of our own ships – sail to your dream destination my friends!

We should be asking ourselves these two questions on a regular basis:

Am I settling for life as it is?   OR   Am I moving closer to what I really want?

Understanding and implementing these 3 most important choices consistently everyday will change your business, life, relationships, etc.

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  1. Thank you!
    I needed another shot in the arm…

    Looking Forward…